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Similar railroad accidents in Connecticut have led to litigation

A terrible accident occurred in another state that involved railroad workers and automobile travelers. Railroad accidents in Connecticut and elsewhere often result in fatalities. Thankfully, everyone survived this collision although several people, including railroad workers, were injured.

Illegal drug use suspected factor in many railroad accidents

Last year, a railroad tragedy occurred in another state that prompted safety advocates to pursue changes in railway commercial transportation laws regarding drug tests for employees. That's because three of the railroad employees involved in that particular collision tested positive for marijuana and other controlled substances. Studies show an increased amount of railroad accidents in recent years have included illegal drug use in workers as prominent factors. Those who travel by train in Connecticut may want to pay close attention this issue.

After a century, has risk of railroad accidents decreased?

Connecticut residents who earn their livings on the railroad are always at risk for injury. Those who travel by train as passengers are as well. However, many railroad accidents involve nearby motorists, and revisiting a story of a tragedy that occurred 100 years ago begs the question whether workers, passengers or other travelers are any safer today than they were then.

Railroad accidents have plagued the nation for decades

In 1950, a locomotive disaster left many throughout the nation horrified and grief-stricken. It occurred on a Wednesday just one day before Thanksgiving and was later labeled the worst train wreck in the history of that particular railroad. Railroad accidents in Connecticut and elsewhere often result in fatalities; those who survive their injuries are often left permanently disabled.

Workers can seek employer accountability after railroad accidents

In April 2016, an Amtrak engineer was on duty. Just before 8 a.m., the man operating a train saw a potential hazard on the tracks ahead of him. There was an accident and the man suffered severe emotional trauma and subsequent disability that he says was the result of the incident. As has occurred following other Connecticut railroad accidents in the past, the man has sought legal accountability against his employer.

Outcomes in litigation re railroad accidents vary by incident

Anyone who works or has worked on a Connecticut railroad likely understands the tremendous risks often involved in such work. Railroad work is considered one of the most dangerous lines of work in the nation; however, not all railroad accidents involve railroad employees. Sometimes, others nearby, such as pedestrians, are injured as well.

Railroad accidents involving pedestrians especially tragic

There are many dangers along Connecticut railways. Those who work on the railroad are at great risk for injuries as this type of work is among the most dangerous in the nation. However, not only employees may suffer injuries when railroad accidents occur; passengers, and even pedestrians in the area might as well.

Spouse of deceased victim says railroad accidents still a risk

In 2015, there was a tragedy in a state neighboring Connecticut that resulted in six fatalities. Since then, the spouse of one of the victims (a woman whose car had gotten stuck on the tracks and was hit by a fast-moving train) has been lobbying with several government officials, seeking safety upgrades that he says may have saved his wife's life had they been implemented at the time of the crash. When railroad accidents like this one occur, the National Transportation Safety Board investigates. State statutes also provide for a safety study, which at this point is five months overdue.

Can oil and leaves on tracks cause railroad accidents?

Some people say so. In fact, a man who was working for a railroad in another state claims that was a key factor that caused a terrible two-locomotive collision in which he was involved. As in this instance, railroad accidents in Connecticut and beyond often lead to litigation, as employees are protected by the Federal Employers Liability Act in their ability to sue their employers when injuries occur due to negligence.

Amtrak service often affected by railroad accidents

Railroad work is definitely among jobs at risk for injury; in fact, many consider it one of the most dangerous jobs in the nation. Connecticut railroad workers may relate to the devastation often caused to employees and families when railroad accidents occur. While Amtrak service is generally considered safe, the rail company has had its share of serious collisions over the years.