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Don't confuse FELA with workers' compensation

If you were to take a quick survey on the street in Connecticut, asking passers-by what they think the most dangerous jobs in the nation are, many would mention work in construction and farming. Some, however, may also include railroad work high on their lists, for statistics prove train workers are always at high risk for injuries. If your family history in the United States stretches back several decades or more, you likely have a relative who used to work (or currently works) on the railroad.

Tracking the risks of railroad work in Connecticut and beyond

The economic, political and social changes that occurred in the United States with the development of a transcontinental railroad system are clearly evident in historical literature and discussed often, even to this day. In fact, many people in Connecticut and other East Coast states continue to make their livings on the railroad. The United States was a young nation when the Industrial Revolution and construction of elaborate railroads changed its landscape (and its citizens) forever.